OpenCPN 2018 Android Download iPad

OpenCPN 2018 Android Download iPad details a small band of users that have one thing to do with being a sailor, therefore, the fact it’s to offer into the marine navigation domain that you just love technology and every situation.

OpenCPN 2018 Android Download iPad

OpenCPN 2018 Android Download iPad

OpenCPN 2018 Android Download iPad


  • This specific software application provides you with a chart plotter that accommodates both GPS information as well as an ENC (electronic navigational chart). The chart plotter exhibits the ENC along with the place, going and rate of the ship, and may also show information that is supplemental radar, automated information systems (AIS) or other sensors. As opportune to the marine that is specific, chart plotters may also display data from other sensors, such as echolocators/sonar.
  • Moreover, the OpenCPN 2018 Android application also provides an integrated GPS device. Pc software that includes navigation with route calculation and directions. from the software to your utilizer of the approach to just take. Predicated on a map that is vector-predicated mundanely for motorized conveyances with a few motorized forms. Integrated on being an afterthought with all the navigation monitoring, often by having a plan “picture” within the background, but displaying where you have got been, and sanctioning “routes” to be preprogrammed, providing a line you can follow regarding the screen. This sort can withal be used for geocaching.
  • Furthermore, OpenCPN 2018 Download supports BSBv3 raster and S57 ENC charts, CM93 vector maps and even “BSB4” and “NV-chart” using plugins. Regarding display modes, OpenCPN 2018 iPad supplies single-chart, quilted, north-up, course-up, chat-up also moving-map. Waypoint navigation frequently included alongside the support for autopilot production or functions for anchor security and view.

  • The bottom line with OpenCPN 2018 Android iPad is that it encases a lot of functions and features that only a sailor would undoubtedly consider excellent to have in one single software package that is solitary. This is why OpenCPN 2018 Android Download is undoubtedly one of our guidelines in the event a watercraft is owned by you, and you love sailing while also trying to find computer software to help you in your adventures.
  • OpenCPN 2018 Download iPad is just a free, community developed and supported software to make a concise chart plotter and navigation pc software, for usage underway or as being a preparation device – available nowadays on your Android phone that is the mobile tablet. See below for helpful links!
  • NOTE: the version that is present a good phone or tablet with a supplied processor. It might crash on pills having an Intel Atom Central Processing Unit.


  •  IHO S52 compliant display of global S57 and vector that is s63.
  •  BSB v3, and earlier in the day, raster chart support.
  •  BSB4 and “new-chart” support through plugins.
  •  CM93 vector chart support, with per cell offset corrections.
  •  Single-chart and Quilted display modes.
  •  North-up, Course-up, and display that is chart-up.
  •  Moving-map display mode.
  •  Route navigation with ship monitoring functions.
  •  Waypoint navigation.
  •  Dashboard, for configurable display that is on-screen of’s NMEA data.
  •  NMEA 0183 GPS program at the selectable baud rate.
  •  Advanced NMEA message management structure with built-in a multiplexer.
  •  Autopilot production support.
  •  AIS input with full target tracking and collision alert.
  •  AIS support for SART / automatic MOB control.
  •  AIS support for DSC and GPSGate Buddies.
  •  Anchor watch/alarm functions.
  •  GRIB file input and display for climate forecasting.
  •  GPX Waypoint, Track and Route input and output file support.
  •  Tide and current prediction and display by location.
  •  Route planning with tidal support.
  •  Built-in great-circle routing.
  •  Weather routing through qtVlm or plugin that is split
  •  GPX Layers for annotation of charts.
  •  Climatology and Weather Fax,
  •  World Magnetic Variation
  •  20+ languages supported
  •  OpenGL support for enhanced performance
  •  Windows, Apple OS X, Linux and Android applications

This program is software that is free you’ll redistribute it and modify it underneath the terms of the GNU General Public License as posted by the Free computer software Foundation. This program is distributed in the hope it will probably be helpful, but WITH NO WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR FUNCTION.

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OpenCPN 2018 Android Download iPad
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