PartitionGuru 2018 Crack Patch + License Key Download

PartitionGuru 2018 Crack Patch + License Key Download complimentary offers a solution that is all-in-one data recovery, partition management, and Windows backup & restores.PartitionGuru 2018 Crack is data that are the dominant app that supports both file recovery and partition data recovery. It is also a partition that is handy that can create, format, resize, split, hide, backup and clone partitions, copy disks, and backup systems, etc. You can recover deleted, formatted, missing files and partitions from hard disk drives, removable drives, RAID, and disks that are virtual.

PartitionGuru 2018 Crack Patch + License Key Download

PartitionGuru 2018 Crack Patch + License Key Download

PartitionGuru 2018 Crack Patch + License Key Download

PartitionGuru 2018 Patch has some useful features wrapped inside a program that is standard.It doesn’t have some tools which can be of good use. The software can heal data by its type and supports file and preview filter.

Overall, PartitionGuru 2018 Free complimentary is a dependable and partition that is versatile that is easy to make use of it.

PartitionGuru 2018 Crack Patch + License Key Download

Although PartitionGuru 2018 Cracked is a version that is bound it is still a great program and sturdy enough for general usage.

Key Features include:

    • Data Healing
    • Partition Management
    • Disk Utilities
    • Create New Partition
    • Delete Partition
    • Hide Partition
    • Mark Active Partition
    • Format Partition
    • Edit Detail Partition Parameters
    • Resize Partition
    • Separate Partition
    • Primary – Logical Conversion
    • Delete All Partitions
    • Quick Partition (One Step Partition and Format)
    • Create Integral Sized Partition
    • Partition Table Backup and Restore
    • Always Check Partition Dining Table Errors
    • Drive Letter Assignment
    • Set Volume Label
    • Rebuild MBR (Master Boot Record)
    • Erase Sectors
    • Clear Reserved Sectors
    • Verify and Repair Bad Tracks
    • Build USB Bootable Disk
    • Clone Disk By Data
    • Clone Partition By Data
    • Backup Partition to Image File From Files
    • Restore Partition From Image File
    • File Operation On Concealed Partition
    • Copy Files
    • Delete Data
    • Permanently Delete Files
    • Create Folder
    • Rename Files
    • Lost Partition Recovery (Regional Disk)
    • File Recovery (Local Disk)

Support VMware Virtual Disk File (“.vmdk” File) Study Only:

    • Support PC that is virtual File (“.vhd” File) study Only
    • Support VirtualBox Disk File (“.vdi” File) Browse Just
    • Help Partition Image File (“.img” File) Read Only
    • Display Cluster Allocation Diagram Drive C: Just
    • Support LVM2 (Solitary Disk) Browse Only
    • Partition recovery.
    • RAID recovery.
    • Edit Sector data.
    • Partition administration.
    • Backup and restore.
    • Fix tracks that are bad.
    • Delete files permanently.
    • DOS help.

It’s continuously most readily used to create partitions that are multiple the computer to protect the majority associated with the data in case something goes wrong because of the operating system, as an example. PartitionGuru 2018 Cracked Patch is a program that is little was designed for partition administration, but also for other tasks.

The utility has a screen that is simple should be simple to find out by all users:

As previously mentioned, the program can maybe not only be appropriately used for managing partitions but also for recovering data, formatting, creating and barriers that are deleting. It may even improve lost files, lost partitions, clone partitions and discs to image files, as well as other jobs. Additionally, resizing and barriers that are splitting as well as hiding and renaming them are also on the work list.


  • Support NTFS partition whose cluster is more substantial than 128 sectors.
  • Include composing support for an EXT4 file system.
  • Backup / restore EXT4 partition.
  • Help to clone EXT4 partition.
  • Help to resize an EXT4 partition.
  • Recovering lost EXT4 partition.
  • Add menu item on top of that to PartitionGuru WinPE version.
  • Support was creating the WinPE disk that is bootable.
  • Fast Partition feature can save your settings that are present Options.ini file as default partitioning scheme so that it can be utilized automatically in future operations.

Running Systems:

  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10


  • It helped me convert GUID to MBR, good work
  • the evening that is last helped me recover deleted files from USB flash disk.


  • it isn’t as powerful as the Pro version.

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PartitionGuru 2018 Crack Patch + License Key Download
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